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Free kitchen in India run at the Sikhs’ holiest shrine produces 200,000 flat breads and 1.5 tons of lentil soup daily.

by Showkat Shafi: Last updated: 17 Nov 2013 17:53

Two hundred thousand Rotis - Chapattis (Indian flat bread), 1.5 tons of Daal (lentil soup) and free food served to 100,000 people every single day are what makes the free kitchen run at the Harmandir Sahib in the western Indian city of Amritsar stand apart.

By all measures, the kitchen (called Langar in Punjabi ) is one of the largest free kitchens to be run anywhere in the world. The concept of langar was initiated centuries ago by Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikh religion. Sunday, November 17, 2013 was his 545th birth anniversary.

At the Langar, no one goes hungry - and everybody gets a hot meal regardless of caste, creed and religion. All Sikh Gurudwaras (places of worship) have Langar, but the one at Harmandir Sahib - Sikhs’ holiest shrine - has little parallel.

“Anyone can eat for free here and on an average we serve food to 100,000 people. On weekends and special occasions double the numbers of people visit the langar Hall. The langar never stops and on an average 7,000 kg of wheat flour, 1,200 kg of rice, 1,300 kg of lentils, 500 kg of ghee (clarified butter) is used in preparing the meal every day,” says Harpreet Singh, manager of this huge kitchen.

“The free kitchen uses firewood, LPG gas and electronic bread makers for the cooking and we use around 100 LPG cylinders and 5,000 kilograms of firewood every day,” he adds.

The kitchen is run by 450 staff, helped by hundreds of other volunteers. Sanjay Arora, 46, from New Delhi, comes to volunteer at the langar two days every month. “This is KAR-SEVA (do-service) for me. I feel happy after doing this service. It’s is not just free food, here you forget all the differences that separates humans from each other,” he says.

Volunteers also wash the 300,000 plates, spoons and bowls used in feeding the people. The food is vegetarian and the expenses are managed through donations from all over the world. The yearly budget of the langar runs into hundreds of millions. One has to see it to believe.

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stuck with you, that’s not so bad.

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i cant wait to get a boyfriend, im all prepared. i punched some holes in the lid of this jar and i put some grass and a twig in it

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January Jones photographed by Ben Hassett for Violet Grey (x)

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I was convinced this movie was gonna be about lesbians then it wasn’t and I was pissed.

Welcome to the club.

the Pitch Perfect fandom: a summary

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A wet handful of kitten after he jumped in the shower with me

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Keira Knightley attends the “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” European première in London (January 20th, 2014)

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Samuel Roberts

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run for the hills before they burn;

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Cheese Stuffed Naan

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